About V-Life

V-Life is a lifestyle wellness business working with local companies, organizations, and community members to help people live healthy, vibrant lives.  We specialize in an intensive lifestyle intervention by the name of the Complete Health Improvement Program that addresses whole-person wellness with a focus on nutrition.  This program has proven health benefits, which have been supported in over 20 peer reviewed publications.  Our own experience with the program has shown that in just 30 days, participants have been able to lose up to 25 pounds, lower their cholesterol by up to 100 points, and even go off their diabetes medications under the supervision of their physicians.

Beyond this program, owners, Devin and Kelly, are committed to offering personalized attention and assistance to help you on the path to living your most vibrant life.  Whether it is weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or even cancer that stands in your way, your true self is in there.  Let us help you find it!