Our Goal

Our goal is to teach simple lifestyle changes that can allow people to take control of their own health and live long, satisfying lives.  With chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease going rampant in our country, there is no better time than the present to make your health and longevity a true priority!  V-Life exists to help walk you through that process.  

Like many of you, owners, Devin and Kelly Cara, have seen several family members suffer from illnesses that have largely been linked to genetics.  Though we can’t change our genes, we have learned that lifestyle choices, like proper nutrition and exercise, can help us guard against these illnesses with near certainty.  After meeting in 2006, Devin and Kelly began a health journey together that allowed them to transition from obesity to healthy body sizes and to regain control of their health and futures.  With physical health under control, they found that their emotional and social wellness also improved, and they both now consider their lives to be fulfilling, meaningful, and bright.  

We have experienced what it takes to make effective and lasting life changes and are eager to share with you our vast knowledge of nutrition, health-supportive cooking, activity, motivation, and mindfulness.  Will you start your journey with us?

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